Our Journey

We owe the inspiration for Galactic Dawn to my close-knit group of friends from Wauwatosa, WI. In our early, awkward high school years, we formed a small community of worldbuilding enthusiasts. We delighted in running many iterations of home-brewed roleplaying systems, usually lead by my ever patient friend Sam Grey. The halls of our school were filled with diplomacy and intrigue, as the nations we roleplayed back-stabbed each other and forged new alliances.

This community and tradition endured, and by the time we got to college, we were still running games together. There was something magical about the way we played our world building games.What's more, every time we ran a game it got more complex, more refined. It became clear we were onto something new, some type of game that hadn't been developed before. That was when I decided it was time for me to take our games to the next level. Over a semester of procrastinated schoolwork, I developed a rough set of rules for a world-building strategy game set in space: Galactic Dawn.

Artwork by    Ameilee Sullivan

Artwork by Ameilee Sullivan

Ancient Artifacts and Music Cults

Creating Galactic Dawn was just the beginning. The rules still had to be (literally) battle-tested. Tapping my world-building community, I initiated and managed the first playtest of the game, which was largely tasked with ironing out the rules of the game.

Galactic Dawn proved to be an instant hit. One player developed an alien civilization which claimed to be the heirs to the galaxy from a lost empire of forefathers, and supported their claim with countless pages of detailed lore documents. Another civilization created a utopian music network which influenced the minds of club-goers, which grew to worship the sound. The creativity my players were able to weave into the universe was exhilarating, and helped make each week a suspenseful wait for each turn release.

A remarkable two years later our playtest had concluded, and we were left with a rich and capitivating sci/fi universe. This galaxy will be the setting for many roleplaying games to come.

Looking Forward

With now four years of playtesting under our belt and further playtesting in progress, we are happy to say that Galactic Dawn is, and always will be, a success. The joy and fulfillment this game has brought to us and our friends is like nothing else. We hope to bring this joy to roleplayers and sci/fi enthusiasts alike across the world.