Your universe begins with Galactic Dawn

Galactic Dawn is a sci-fi worldbuilding RPG that challenges the norms of traditional roleplaying. Each players takes on the role of a space-faring organization, know as an “Arcas” (plural: “Arci”), set on colonizing the stars. As Arci, players weave their own stories by managing their resources, conducting diplomacy with other players, and finding creative ways to pursue their own destiny. Galactic Dawn is run primarily through note cards, with each card representing a specific aspect of the universe. Some cards may represent settled planets, while others could represent an influential agent or leader.


A Galaxy of any Size or Shape

The goal of Galactic Dawn is to create a rich sci-fi universe by casting players as self-interested galactic forces. There is no win condition to the game, rather players seek to fulfill the goals and destiny of their people. By embodying the powers and vices of the universe, players can collaboratively build a realistic and lived-in universe while also enjoying the creation process.

Map progression from a playtest of the “Space Lanes” map system.

Play with Friends & Foes

A game session consists of a group of player-controlled Arci and a Galaxy Master (GM), who oversees the universe and introduces twists and turns to which other players respond. Players takes turns creating resources for their Arcas, which they can then use to take Narrative Actions. Through a Narrative Action, a player attempts to tell a certain story and create a favorable outcome for their Arcas, but such actions don’t always go as planned. Together, both players and the GM tie narrative threads together to create a detailed galactic history.


A Cutthroat & Creative Experience

Unlike other resource management games, the heart of Galactic Dawn is the way players roleplay and conduct diplomacy with one-another. Unlike like many 4X games, players can use diplomacy to make an impact on the galaxy without min-maxing or metagaming. Players can also harness their creativity to create custom, rule-bending technologies, making each Galactic Dawn run mechanically unique. If not, players can choose from a pre-balanced tech tree.